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Kylie Sullivan, Executive Director of Salem Main Streets since 2013, came to SMS after six years as a grants administrator at the Massachusetts Cultural Council, the state’s arts agency.  She has worked with a range of nonprofits, community organizations, and educational institutions, with a particular focus on volunteer management, program coordination, and cultural economic development.  She received an M.B.A. from Simmons School of Management and a B.A. in music from Wesleyan University.  A native of Georgetown, MA, Kylie and her husband have lived in Salem for six years.


Steering Committee

John A. Boris
Boris & Associates

Beth Debski
Salem Partnership

Gina Flynn
Eastern Bank

Kate Fox
Destination Salem

Adria Leach
Salem State University

Carol McLaughlin
Design Committee

Rinus Oosthoek
Salem Chamber of Commerce

Mira Riggin
LEAP for Education

Andrew Shapiro
City of Salem

Caroline Watson-Felt
Organization and Promotions


  2 Responses to “Our Team”

  1. Hi Kylie,

    I was wondering what broadband initiatives are in place in Salem, if any? It seems that residents and business have very few options when it comes to internet service providers. I just moved from Cambridge and they have a very similar problem but the have recently created a task force to try to come up with solutions.


    Do we have something like this that I could get involved in?


  2. […] Streets model of historic preservation, so the building in our old logo made good sense,” says Kylie Sullivan, Executive Director of Salem Main Streets. “Salem Main Streets has evolved significantly since […]

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