Sep 252014
Fishwives - Mandy's Chowdah - cred Barb Taylor

Mandy from Mandy’s Wicked Chowdah, serving up the good stuff.

“Playing With Your Food” is a weekly post highlighting a few of the many great uses for the wide range of produce and artisan food at the Salem Farmers’ Market, a Salem Main Streets project.  The Salem Farmers’ Market takes place every Thursday from June 12 to October 23 from 3 pm to 7 pm on Derby Square.  While we can never predict exactly what our farms will be able to bring each week, we do our best to reflect some of the fun items we’ve found recently and what’s likely to be available for the upcoming week.  Hopefully this will give you a few new ideas to play with, and inspire you to try some new things at the market.

There’s still a wealth of fresh produce and ingredients pouring in every week, but let’s face it – some weeks you just don’t want to overthink it. Some weeks you’re just not up for cooking.  Some weeks, you need someone else to take over.  Thankfully, our Salem Farmers’ Market vendors have you covered yet again!

Valicenti Organico - cred Barb Taylor

Valicenti Organico will always have friendly advice for pasta and sauce pairings.

One of your surest stops for an easy meal is sure to be Valicenti Organico.  From lemon basil linguine to squid ink spaghettini to chard ricotta ravioli, any of Valicenti’s amazing pasta options will cook in under 10 minutes.  Pair it with a jar of red gravy, “alla Norma” sauce with eggplant, or (if you’re lucky), some of their amazing butternut squash based Golden Gravy and you’re good to go!

If you need a snack RIGHT NOW, consider swing by Milk and Honey for some of their amazing empanadas, or cheese and spreads to take home as hors d’oeuvres.

Rowand’s Fish Market has more than just fresh fish – they also have a number of prepared dishes ready for you to take home.  Grab some shrimp cocktail ready to go for an appetizer, salmon burgers or fish cakes for a main course, or even a cup of seaweed salad for the perfect light snack.

Not only is it looking a little grey today (perfect for a cup of delicious, gluten-free chowder), but Mandy’s Wicked Chowdah is thinking ahead!  Buy 5 or more packages for $6 each and start stocking up for winter.  She said it, not me.

Need dessert?  Market newcomer Jodi Bee Bakes has been hitting it out of the park week after week with any array of seasonal goodies baked with locally-sourced ingredients. While Jodi has a number of gluten-free and vegan options, those of you who might be suspicious of such labels won’t question it again after sampling any of her wares.

2014-09-18 15.49.07

You read that right – maple donuts with almond glaze from Jodi Bee Bakes. They just happen to be gluten-free and vegan, as well!


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