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Salem Main Streets relies heavily on the fantastic support of our volunteers.  If you are interested in volunteering for a Salem Main Streets event, please contact Kylie Sullivan, the Main Streets director, at 978-744-0004 x115, or e-mail:

Calls for Volunteers

Salem Arts Festival

The Salem Arts Festival, celebrating 10 years this June, relies heavily on volunteers to bring this free festival to the community every year. We are looking for volunteers of all ages and abilities to help us on June 1 through June 3. Learn more here.


Salem Farmers’ Market

The Salem Farmers’ Market runs every Thursday from June 7 until October 11. Volunteer once a month, every other week, or every week! All help is appreciated.

  • Set up (1:30 to 3pm): Set up tents, set up equipment (sound stuff for musicians), and help vendors unpack their goods (light to heavy to awkward-to-hold items; this is optional, but neighborly, useful, and fun).
  • Market (3 to 5pm and 5 to 7pm): Count visitors and answer questions.
  • Breakdown (6:30 to 8pm): Break down tents, bring equipment and supplies to storage (light to heavy to awkward-to-hold items), help vendors break their tents down and help pack their trucks and cars (light to heavy to awkward to hold items; this is optional, but neighborly, useful, and fun), and watch vendors’ stuff when they go to get their trucks and cars.

Contact Gillian at





  2 Responses to “Become a Volunteer”

  1. I have been a resident of Salem for the past 14 years and have enjoyed watching the city evolve and grow into an amazing and rich destination all year round. I would like to volunteer and participate in the planning and organization process of the many events of this great community. Please let me know of how I can contribute.

  2. I have been an unwavering Ambassador Volunteer for: Salem MainStreets/Haunted Happenings, The Chamber Of Commerce, City Hall and Mayor Kimberly Driscoll, for the past 5 (this will be my 6th) years. I LOVE to always contribute and share any/all of my knowledge with Residents, Visitors & Tourists alike. For a recent example; I have given an Asian friend of mine a wealth of information on The City Of Salem-and-as a result, we both explored the city together and she wants to come back again and again. I really do enjoy it when I can help people with their visits/stays, even Tours about Salem. This City truly does have a very welcoming spirit about it, more than any other that I have known.

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