Nov 092018

It is no secret that October in Salem is commonly referred to as our “fifth season” – it’s just drastically different than any other month of the year. The weeks leading up in September can feel equally intense at times, and even the first week of November is often still buzzing. Add Election Day to that, and it usually takes over a week after Halloween for the downtown energy to feel back to “normal.”

That’s when the real local love kicks in. There is just something special about November in Salem. We asked around a bit, and here are just a few reasons why #localslovenovember!

Getting back to your favorite local businesses – sometimes, with the high foot traffic in October, it can be hard to get into your favorite restaurant, or grab that quick cup of coffee you’re used to, or check in with your favorite shopowner. November means being able to catch your favorite table that’s always available at 11 am, or having time to chat with a salesperson about new products they got in.

Pro tip: October is a great time for our businesses, but it can be tough on their social media reviews. Our downtown businesses traditionally get lower ratings in October than any time of year, due to long lines, tired servers, and an increase in visitors who may have unrealistic expectations (this is true for many communities during their busiest times, not taking a dig at our October visitors here!). Take a tip from Octocog’s Five Star Fridays and fight back by leaving positive reviews on social media for your favorite businesses. 

Time to reflect – a number of locals noted how much they love having the time to slow down and truly enjoy the beauty of Salem during November. Beautiful foliage frames the harbor, the parks, and the streets. Take time out in the morning on the Custom House steps with a cup of coffee to soak it all in.

Traffic and parking – this almost goes without saying, and it’s not like every traffic or parking problem is solved the second the Halloween fireworks end. But things become infinitely more predictable, and your usual shortcuts and secret parking spots are there waiting for you.

Sales galore – a lot of our retailers are swiftly trying to off-load their Halloween merchandise to make more room for their holiday merchandise. This is great news for you! Visit any of our local shops this time of year and you’re likely to find lots of great deals, AND maybe get a scoop on the new holiday goods. And speaking of…

The holidays are here! – November also means that we start hauling out the holly and the good cheer. Some residents told us that they love watching the winter greenery pop up on historic homes, others love the big community events like Santas Arrival and the Holiday Tree Lighting,  and others love smaller less-official community traditions, like grabbing a drink with friends at The Lobster Shanty on Thanksgiving Day. Which leads us to…

– Community spirit – consistently, the thing Salemites seem to love the most about November is the chance to spend time with each other.  From bumping into each other on the street, to making time to catch a movie, to showing up to light the tree on Lappin Park with your neighbors, on of the very best things about downtown Salem in November and all year round are the people who call it home.

To celebrate November, we are bringing back our #localslovenovember social media challenge for this long weekend. Between Friday, Nov. 9 and Monday, Nov. 12th, just post a pic of yourself, a storeowner, or an item you are purchasing while at a downtown shop or service (dentist, salon, etc.) with the tag #localslovenovember. Two lucky winners will be selected to win a whole roll of quarters to help with that still-existing parking 😉


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