Jul 012013

The Leys School, one of England’s premier independent Co-Educational Boarding School is sending us a gift for the days following the 4th of July: music. A touring group of 44 students with 5 chaperones comprise a Choir of 25 voices, a Jazz ensemble of 15, a Wind Orchestra of 35 and a String Orchestra of 15 all performing on Sunday July 7th, 6pm at Salem Old Town Hall. Admission is free.

They will also be participating in the church service on that Sunday morning at Wesley United Church here in Salem.

The Leys School is a one of England’s premier independent Co-Educational Boarding School near the University city of Cambridge. Founded in 1875 by the Methodist Conference, it has over 550 students (ages 11-18). They have a unique music program, with over 250 weekly instrumental and vocal lessons taught by a team of 25 visiting musicians (many of whom play professionally.)

They will be arriving in Salem after giving a series of concerts in New York and Boston. These concerts include a performance on the flight deck of the Intrepid Museum and Boylston Plaza at the Prudential Center.

For additional information contact:

Anne Cottrell
Tel 416 364 5235
email: annecott@sympatico.ca


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