Jul 032014

Due to the inclement weather forecast for July 4th,  Salem will hold its Independence Day celebrations on Sunday, July 6. All planned festivities originally scheduled for July 4th at Derby Wharf will still take place, but on Sunday July 6 instead. These include the Hillyer Festival Orchestra pops concert and fireworks display, among other activities. The reading of the Declaration of Independence on the Salem Common will still take place at 9am on July 4th, but has been relocated to inside the Hawthorne Hotel. Please note that the United States Air Force Heritage Band, the Blue Aces, will still be performing their free concert at noon on Saturday July 5th at the Salem Willows.

We still invite you to celebrate America’s Independence Day all weekend in historic Salem with the July 4th reading of the Declaration of Independence, followed by the Blue Aces concert on Saturday, and ending Sunday with the fireworks display and pops concert on Derby Wharf.


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