Nov 272015

Small BizLSandwiched between Black Friday on 11/27 and Cyber Monday on 11/30 is a key day for merchants and consumers in Salem and many towns along the North Shore— Small Business Saturday on 11/28.

For one day a year, an extra spotlight is focused on merchants along the main streets of America to entice customers to check out the products and services available. So there is no confusion, Small Businesses on Washington Street, Front Street, Essex Street, etc. will not live or die by the traffic on Saturday. There is more at stake than just revenue.

It is a day for you, as a customer, to not just window shop but take a few minutes to actually walk through stores and peruse the inventory. Familiarize yourself for future references & shopping.

Many stores on Small Business Saturday will be offering sales, discounts, give-a ways and other “value” offers.

It is even more so a day for owners to take the extra time to connect with their customers. Inspire you to emotionally invest in an owner’s dream for the business. This is something big box stores can’t do.

Stop in and discuss:

  • The latest releases with Larry at Harrison’s Comics & Collectibles
  • The finer points of croissants with Melita at Melita Fiore
  • Which type of yarn you should use with Ana at Circle of Stitches
  • The right equipment for your bike with Dan at Salem Cycle
  • The perfect holiday party dress with Erica at Ocean Chic Boutique
  • Which bestseller you should read next with Denise and Taylor at Wicked Good Books
  • “Why is your coffee ice cream so darn good?” with Christiana at The Salem Screamery
  • ….the list goes on and on and on!

Connect with the people behind the businesses in your community. They are a part of your community, not just a piece of real estate that is open from 10am to 7pm. Perhaps this is also what Small Business Saturday is all about. Find out for yourself.


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