Feb 262011

Salem Film Fest March 4 – 11 – An International Documentary Film Festival right in your own backyard. You’ve heard the buzz now here are some of the details… This festival is being held in Cinema Salem, downtown Salem in the museum place mall with select screenings at the NPS Visitor Center and the Peabody Essex Museum. In this festival you can visit Cape Town, Northern India, Detroit, Russia, Pakistan, Brooklyn and Tibet to name just a few locations where the films take place. The films explore diverse experiences from naked Finnish men’s in sauna’s to Clarence Reid aka Blowfly who claims to be the original rapper. The films offer a glimpse into the lives of violent terrorists, teens farming in Detroit, American Indians, Columbian children abducted as soldiers and so many others.  Mark your calendar now and visit www.salemfilmfest.com to plan your week.

Follow this link to see the promotional video about the festival –



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