Aug 092013

We hope residents and visitors alike have been enjoying our Salem Ma Heritage Days celebration. There is a great deal of planning, investment of volunteer time and resources involved to pull it off. Variety of events is a key factor. And Sunday we have another dimension in events called “Get to The Point: Neighborhood Narratives” which is an installation by Salem Public Space Project (SPSP) showcasing memories experienced by Point residents in their neighborhood.

SPSP will accomplish this through an interactive installation featuring stories and postcards of the Point; they will be set up in front of the Derby Square bookstore on Essex Street from 10am – 4:30pm on Sunday.

Salem Public Space Project pictures & postcard

Salem Public Space Project pictures & postcard

Best way to describe the project is to do it in their own words.

“How do you get to know a place? Often it happens without your realization, and soon you know it like the back of your hand.

Other times, knowing a place takes effort, but there are tools to help: maps, photos, descriptions, signs, GPS, phone apps, your own eyes, and the friendly residents you may encounter.

The members of the Salem Public Space Project seek to know the public spaces of Salem with the help of all these tools, and especially residents. SPSP will document, gather, organize and analyze input to curate the Past Stories, Present Narratives and Future Possibilities of Salem’s Public Spaces – which are, in fact, Salem itself.”

To know the past is to better understand the present and the future. Take a look at their Facebook page and website for more info.