Oct 212009

Are you frustrated with the parking situation in Salem? Parking is one of the hot button issues in Salem. Everyone has an opinion on whether we have a parking problem or a parking perception problem and what should be done. Now you have a chance to officially weigh in on the subject. The City of Salem has hired consultants to do a parking study and they are distributing a survey for your feedback. Please take a few minutes and fill one out.

Short Survey

Extended Survey

From the City of Salem website – “The City of Salem is conducting a downtown parking management study. The primary goals of the study are to develop a parking management plan for the existing parking resources downtown and identify what, if any, additional parking supply is needed (in addition to the new MBTA garage).

Your participation is important to the study. Evening public meetings are being planned for November 16, January 12, and a yet-to-be-scheduled date in February or March. Additional information about the public meetings will be posted on the City’s website.

Two online surveys are currently available at the links above. The short survey will take less than five minutes to complete. A slightly longer version will take less than eight minutes to complete.”