Aug 272014
Turner 2

“Fishermen at Sea” (courtesy Peabody Essex Museum)

The Sea and Salem Mass. have had a rich historical association, thus it comes as no surprise that the current Turner & the Sea exhibit at the Peabody Essex Museum has been critically and publicly acclaimed. And to give everyone a good, last chance to see it for the first time or 2nd or 3rd, viewing hours have been expanded for Wednesday & Thursday nights (August 27 & 28) to 9pm. The showing ends on September 1, 2014

This represents the largest U.S. exhibition of Joseph Mallord William Turner’s maritime paintings. The exhibition features more than 100 works encompassing oils, watercolors, prints and sketches from the 1790s to the mid-1800s.

This first full-scale examination of Turner’s lifelong attraction to the sea follows the artist’s evolution from precocious young painter to one of the most important, controversial and prolific masters of his art.

Here are some comments from attendees:

—The fury, the power, the light!

—What a stunning, powerful exhibit – actually brings me to tears, it is so awe-inspiring. To see the breadth of his work, and in context with the work of other painters, and the sketches…I will be back many times to take it all in. Thank you.

— I can’t help but feel that this is the show PEM was born for…

And one that quite succinctly says it all…

— Feeling soaked and motion sick. I wiped salt from my face.

PEM members, Salem residents and children 16 and under are always admitted for free. For the extended hours of Aug. 27 and 28 there will be a discounted admission of $10 after 5 pm. For more info, call 978-745-9500.