Sep 202015

The National Park Service is looking to possibly shake up the look of Derby Wharf at the Salem Maritime National Historic Site and it wants your input.

Derby Wharf ExhibitsResidents & tourists alike have come upon “interpretive exhibits” along Derby Wharf which consist of five units of vertical text/image panels, a small mast and yard arm, an outdoor stage, and a collection of eight hands-on activities. They were installed in 2010. But time & tide (and weather) have taken their toll on them.

According to the NPS website:

The National Park Service proposes to remove or modify a collection of outdoor interpretive exhibits on Derby Wharf at Salem Maritime National Historic Site in Massachusetts. The principle component of the proposed action is the removal of exhibits that are damaged, inoperable, in poor repair or potentially unsafe for public use. A portion of the exhibits not meeting this criteria are also being considered for removal due to their effects on the park viewshed and visitor experience.

The questions posed are:

1. Do the exhibits enhance or detract from the visitor experience and views along the wharf?
2. Should the outdoor stage adjacent to Derby Beach be removed or relocated? If so, why?

The Salem Maritime National Historic Site was designated in 1937 as the first National Historic Site in the National Park system. The nine-acre site includes the homes of merchants and mariners, the Salem Custom House in which the famous author Nathaniel Hawthorne worked, and a replica of the three-masted cargo vessel Friendship of Salem.

The time to offer comments ends on 9/22/15. How do you feel about those exhibits?


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