Apr 122009

Visit www.salemfarmersmarket.org to see the newly launched Salem Main Streets’ Farmers’ Market website. The Salem Farmers’ Market will be opening Thursday, June 25 at 4 p.m. and run through October 29 in historic Derby Square (in front of Old Town Hall on Front Street). The market hours are 4 – 7 p.m.

The Salem Farmers’ Market’s goal is to meet the needs of the local community for fresh local produce at a convenient location, create a weekly event that adds to the vibrant atmosphere of the downtown and support local small family farmers by providing a direct market for their produce and goods. The Farmers’ Market gives local residents the opportunity to purchase fruits and vegetables which have been picked by a local farmer at the peak of season. This preserves the nutritional content and freshness because the fruits and vegetables do not travel as far to get to your table. Shoppers have the opportunity to speak with the person growing the items to find out how it was grown. The farmers will be at Derby Square every Thursday so people can plan their shopping and select from what the farmers bring that suits their needs for an evening meal or for the whole week. Many downtown businesses will also remain open Thursday evenings to offer additional shopping during the hours the market is open. Anyone interested in volunteering for the market please contact the market manager Carol at (978)744-0004×13.


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