Aug 082014
Essex Street Fair 2013 - Photo Credit Social Palates

Essex Street Fair 2013 – Photo Credit Social Palates

Salem has many interesting sights and locations to serve and service our community. One that offers many uses is the Essex Street Pedestrian Mall. And especially so Aug. 9 & 10 when the 2014 Essex Street Fair will unfold from 10 am – 6 pm.

Regularly lined with stores and merchants offering delights to visitors and residents, this weekend our Essex Street Pedestrian Mall will be bright and musical and loud with the life of an annual Street Fair, sponsored by the Salem Chamber of Commerce.

What will you see? Crafters displaying their wares. What will you smell? Food vendors with tasty treats. What will you hear? Artisans discussing their methods.

The is a family friendly event, bring the kids. You will find something for everyone. Even possibly for Samantha the cat and Duke the dog!

This free event will run the length of Essex St. from the Daniel Low Building (Essex and Washington St.) to the Hawthorne Hotel (Essex and Washington Sq W.) The events are part of the Salem Heritage Days festivities.