Jun 222015

Salem FMWe came across an interesting article in Reader’s Digest that advised on “13 Things You Should Know About Farmers’ Markets.” Thirteen, really? That’s so Salem, Ma!

While we can’t list all 13 without infringing copyrights, a few are obvious no-brainers such as get there early for the freshest of the fresh, and it can’t hurt to ask for a sample if it’s something you’ve never seen.

We also found #8 out of the 13 to be worthy of re-posting as it speaks from the vendor’s side of the table. Something you may not have thought about.

8. Standing out in the summer sun is nice, but the job isn’t easy.
Up early, loading trucks with heavy produce, being mindful of money, home late. Plus, when it rains, customers stay away and bad weather can easily damage products.

BreadThe vendors who take the time to participate in our Farmers’ Market are not paid representatives of corporate monoliths. They ARE the lifeblood of the products or services on the Derby Square tables that you see Thursdays. Every minute they are here is a minute taken away from tending to crops or producing a product (for example, bread does not grow on trees…). Any size purchase or positive comment is welcome.

Take the time to read the Reader’s Digest article for more tips and insights.

The Salem Ma Farmers’ Market operates now through Oct. 22nd on  Thursdays from 3-7 pm on Derby Sq. as it intersects Front Street.

(Cover photo courtesy John Andrews at Social Palates Photography)


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