Feb 142016

On a brisk, minus degree feel-like day as we’re having, the options on activities could be limited. While there are still plenty of things to do and see in Salem, if you don’t want to go outside, but still wish to be in a “Salem state of mind” then may we suggest voting for 2016 BONS Readers’ Choice Awards (which began February 1st and ends May 1st).

BONS 2016

Winners will be listed in the annual BONS issue of Northshore Magazine (to be distributed in July), alongside Editors’ Choice for the same categories. But, note, online voting is for Readers’ Choice only; Northshore editors and the BONS committee select Editors’ Choice BONS winners separately from the Readers’ Choice winners.

The top vote recipients in the survey and eligible write-in nominees from 2015 voting are used to populate the drop-down menus. This is your opportunity to share with others why you frequent – may we say “haunt” – restaurants as well as general and specialty small businesses in Salem.

If you’ve never voted or haven’t recently, a few things of which to be aware:

  • Previously, regional or national chains were allowed to qualify as nominees. But beginning in 2015, that privilege was restricted to only local organizations and locally owned franchises
  • Traded votes for services or discounts is cause for disqualification. In other words, retailers are not allowed to produce a marketing mailer, website ad, social media post, etc., that offers a discount or free service with proof of a vote.
  • Businesses with multiple locations are to be recognized by the specific location. For example, if a business has locations in Salem, Peabody, and Andover, each location will have its own nomination.

Votes are tallied by the amount of unique votes each business receives. You are not allowed to vote for the same subcategory more than once; to ensure that all votes for each category are unique, their system requires a verifiable email address for each vote.

This year, more than a dozen new sub-categories, including Cookies and Distillery, and an entirely new category: Mingle have been added. Check them out.

Jan 312015

It’s your turn! Salem Main Streets through this blog & website, our Facebook page, our Twitter account and other sources is constantly waving the flag in support of how great the merchants and organizations in Salem are. But now there are two ways for you to show your support— with a vote!

voteAs it turns out, voting is underway for the Wicked Local 2015 Readers Choice Awards (ballot appeared in 1/30/15 edition of Salem Gazette)  and Northshore Magazine BONS 2015 Best of Northshore (begins 2/1/15).

Rules, regulations, how to vote, when voting ends, etc. etc. can be found on their respective websites.

Through both the newspaper and magazine voting, you can single out gift shops, food stores, restaurants and so forth that provide the kind of customer experience you not only appreciate but want to share with others.

In both of the “best of the best” balloting our merchants will be competing with other businesses in North Shore communities, so be sure to convince friends to vote as well for their Salem choices.

If you’d like an idea on how well we fared last time on the BONS event, here is a link to a past blog  As you’ll see, Salem was well-represented. Let’s do it again. Show these local merchants you like not only their products & services, but also the way they conduct business.

(Image courtesy of chayathonwong2000 at FreeDigitalPhotos.net)

Jul 082014

Northshore MagazineWhere is one of the great places on the North Shore to get a quick or extended bite to eat (Salem, MA) ? Opinions differ as much as tastes do, (Salem, MA) but according to North Shore Magazine’s readers, many of their favorites (Salem, MA) in the recent Best of North Shore survey are in…. you guessed it, Salem, MA.

And it’s not just food that we scored high in the hearts and minds of BONS responders. Salem establishments in other categories also ranked quite high.


A&J King – Best Bakery (BONS & Readers’ Choice)

Scratch Kitchen – Best BBQ

The Ugly Mug – Best Breakfast

Red’s – Best Breakfast (Readers’ Choice)

A&B Burgers – Best Burger (Tied? Runner-up?  – with Lexie’s on State)

Passage To India – Best Indian (Readers’ Choice)

62 Restaurant – Best Italian

Brodie’s – Best Lobster Roll (Taster’s Choice)

Longboards – Best Lobster Roll (Taster’s Choice)

Grapevine – Best Mediterranean

King’s Roast Beef – Best Roast Beef

Turner’s Seafood – Best Seafood, Prepared

Opus – Best Sushi

Life Alive – Vegetarian (BONS & Readers’ Choice)


Tavern in the Square – Best Sports Bar (Readers’ Choice)


A&J King – Bake Shop, Pastry (Readers’ Choice)

Ye Olde Pepper Companie – Best Confectionery

Harbor Sweets – Best Confectionery (Readers’ Choice)

The Cookie Monstah (featured at Salem Farmers’ Market) – Best Cookies

62 Restaurant – Best Dessert

Coffee Time Bake Shop – Best Dessert (Readers’ Choice)


Paxton – Best Barber Shop, New School

North Shore Boot Camp Company – Best Boot Camp (and great pic of Brandi Dion!)

Hawthorne Hotel – Best Hotel (Readers’ Choice)

Rouge Cosmetics – Best Makeup Application (BONS & Readers’ Choice)

Yoga Sakti – Best Yoga Studio (Readers’ Choice)


Witch City 5K – Best Community Walk/Run (Readers’ Choice)

Kernwood Country Club – Best Country Club (Honorable Mention)

Salem Willows Park – Best Family Hangout, Indoor (Readers’ Choice)

Haunted Happenings – Best Festival, Fall (Readers’ Choice)

Salem Film Fest – Best Festival, Spring

Salem’s So Sweet – Best Festival, Winter (BONS & Readers’ Choice)

CinemaSalem – Best Movie Theater (BONS & Readers’ Choice)

Peabody Essex Museum – Best Museum (BONS & Readers’ Choice), Best Tourist Attraction (Readers’ Choice)


Petite Etoile – Best Baby Clothing

Modern Millie – Best Consignment (Readers’ Choice)

Roost – Best Gifts

Rouge – Best Makeup Selection

Mighty Aphrodite – Best Maternity Clothing (BONS & Readers’ Choice)

The Barking Cat – Best Pet Boutique (Readers’ Choice)

Mud Puddle Toys – Best Toy Shop (BONS & Readers’ Choice)


Tri-City Sales – Best Kitchen Appliances (Readers’ Choice)

Landry & Arcari – Best Rugs (BONS & Readers’ Choice)


Admiral Concierge – Best Concierge (Readers’ Choice)

Green Clean – Best Cleaning Service (BONS & Readers’ Choice)

So when you think about going somewhere for food and more, no need to give a second thought. Salem has it all in a convenient package. Don’t take our word for it. Take the word of lots of people on the North Shore.