Heritage Days


SamplesCelebrate the past and present during the annual Salem Heritage Days!  Salem Main Streets coordinates two separate activities during Heritage Days:


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  1. I may suggest an alternative entertainment venue at your Edsel Day event. I am a bass singer with “Duly Noted”. We can sing popular music from that time; It would add to the ambiance of the event. We could add current music for more variety.

    There may be other activities we could accommodate, if needed, subject to the availability of my fellow singers.

    As a lifetime resident of Salem, it would be an honor to be a contributor of Heritage Day in a small way.

    Best regards,

    Richard Dupray
    Richard Dupray@Gmail.com

  2. Hello Richard – we do not coordinate an Edsel Day for Heritage Days, and I’m actually not personally familiar with it. Based on a little Google search, it looks like you may be referring to an event that took place back in 2010, when a national organization chose to hold their annual convention in Salem – http://www.edselclub.org/events.html. Hope that clears things up!

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