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WhateverWe know Salem MA is and you know it is, but USA Today wants to know which community is the Best Halloween Destination. It has issued with a reach out to readers, asking everyone to vote once a day for their favorite in several Halloween categories, the most important of which is obviously Best Halloween Destination.

Salem naturally made the cut to the finalist group from which fans can select during the on-line voting taking place now through Oct. 12. Winners to be announced on Oct. 16.

We realize this is more a popularity contest based upon emotion, rather than a scientific survey based upon “number of people visiting” or “dollars spent,” but it’s all good. When you’re talking about Best Halloween Destination, a win in a popularity vote is impressive in itself.

So, who are the competition? As of press time, Salem MA (see scene below) was #2, ahead of:

Haunted Biz Baz 2010New Orleans
Sleepy Hollow, N.Y.
Tucson, Ariz.
Anoka, Minn.
Transylvania, Romania
Key West

And who is/was currently the front runner as THE place to get all spooked out for Halloween?

Derry, Northern Ireland

“The fount from which Halloween springs can be found in Ireland’s Celtic roots. Born of the pagan autumn festival called Samhain, the beginning of the harvest and a time when the spirits were believed to be able to return to the plane of the living. Each year in this region, one of the world’s biggest Halloween celebrations creates more than enough joyful noise – music, fireworks and the like – to scare them back from whence they came.”

That’s what we are up against. Celtic roots.

It’s all in fun, with some bragging rights on the table. Join the conversation. Vote for Salem


  12 Responses to “Is Salem THE Halloween Destination?”

  1. Salem,MA all the way!

  2. Salem! It is such a unique combination of history….Salem Witch trials, and fun! The month of October is full of true horror stories, ghosts, craft fairs, parades, giant carved pumpkins, museums, costumes… is a trip worth taking and a memory that will ‘haunt’ you in a Casper sort of way!

  3. Salem ma

  4. Salem used to be. It is my choice for any other day in October for Halloween, but on Halloween day… The cops have ruined everything. Bars closed by 8:30 and streets closed by 10:30. Sucks. Otherwise any other weekend? So much to do and so many people just milling around having fun.

  5. We would love to come to Salem, but we can’t afford it.
    My husband is a direct descendant of George Burroughs, who was hanged as a witch at Salem in 1692.
    He is my husband’s 10x great-grandfather!
    We have wanted to visit his grave and see where he died for a long time.

  6. Salem all the way had the best time there

  7. Salem Ma awesome old cemeteries great haunted places to go to and all around great town great places to eat great shops and a great parade to kick it all off with.

  8. Salem Ma..the best..moved this way to be closer

  9. Salem,Ma #1 spot for Halloween

  10. SALEM MA. No question, Best spot for Halloween!

  11. Woah that’s really unique city… like in the Harry Potter movie. the city of the witchcrafts
    I’m so curious… really. I wanna to go there one day..when Halloween if it’s possible haha

  12. We love Salem Ma

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