May 252016

Foli-WP-landscapeThere are many ways to experience other cultures. Literature. Food. Art. CinemaSalem brings us a unique look at the West African Mali tribe with FOLI: Rhythm of African Life for a live show this Thursday, May 26th at 8:30pm

Yes, LIVE.

It is part light show, part dance celebration, and part music extravaganza.

Paul Van Ness of CinemaSalem offered a behind the scenes look “I got to see it for myself at a late-night dress rehearsal, and it’s a spectacular show! It’s completely entertaining, even mesmerizing, but while you’re being entertained you’re learning about West African cultural history and about the connections and individuals who play a role in forming Malian communities.”

He further explains. “Over the course of the performance, you’re introduced to the dances which are used by people in Mali to observe and celebrate important passages over a lifetime, so by the end, you feel like you’ve just watched a movie.”

The stages (birth, growth, maturity, transition and transcendence) mark the progression of an African’s life from the birth of a person to the growth of an individual to the maturation of an adult to the selection of a family to a role in the community to a life remembered.

Directed and conceived by Gregory Coles, this event is presented by CinemaSalem and Creative Salem. Tickets are still available; seating for this special live performance event is on a reserved basis.

Dec 132015

CinemaSalem will be one of about 4000 movie houses to be unleashing the latest sagas of the Jedi & friends & enemies this week with Star Wars Episode 7, The Force Awakens. As of this writing there were surprisingly still some tickets left according to Shanna Langevin, CinemaSalem’s general manager.

Star WarsWe don’t think that is a Jedi mind trick. But if you don’t have one yet (and even if you do), here are some suggestions by Langevin.

“Buying your ticket online makes sure you have a seat for that show, but you still need to get a paper ticket printed out at our box office.”

To facilitate the process, CS will have a separate station just for picking up tickets for at least the premiere and opening weekend. It will be located across from the box office.

Langevin advises attendees that “We will have a ticket checker so please make sure to have your ticket on you when going into the theater.”

Now while we don’t expect the galactic excess being seen elsewhere (in Hollywood, 4 blocks along Hollywood Blvd — from Highland Ave. to La Brea Ave. — were already closed to traffic on Thursday night at 11pm) there are some additional suggestions & procedures to make this a safe & fun night out for all.

Langevin advises, “Every show will have a line that starts beyond our mall entrance. Please do not try waiting in the lobby for this movie. This will help with overcrowding and spoilers.”

Spoilers, once you’ve seen the film, just reverse our MBTA saying of “if you see something, say something.” Don’t.

But, if you want to discuss burning SW questions, here is a  CNN slide show of 16!

And since CinemaSalem wants this to be a great experience for everyone involved, please be kind and considerate!


  • If you cause trouble in the line, you will be refunded your ticket and asked to leave.
  • You are encouraged to be creative and dress up if you like (yay costumes!), but do not bring any sort of weapon. This includes lightsabers. Repeat – no weapons
  • If you do bring in a weapon, you will be asked to bring it back to your car. But, if that isn’t possible, CS will hold onto it for you until after the movie.
  • Any disturbances during the film (loud/constant talking, cell phone use, throwing objects, and anything else management & staff consider harmful to the enjoyment of the show) can lead to your expulsion from the theater without a refund.
  • If you are caught recording/taking pictures of the movie, the police will be called. Pirating films is a federal offense so please don’t cause that kind of ruckus.

Also take note that around Salem there will be related events to the Star Wars premiere. For example, at the Hawthorne Hotel…

Star Wars at  Hawthorne

They might even play the Cantina song! We’ll try to keep you posted about any other such related events on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Langevin concludes, “If you have any questions or concerns please ask our staff or email Thank you for being such awesome folks and we will see you at the movies!”