Dec 192012

Cultivation of friendships, partnerships, and relationships have been a by-product of this year’s Salem Winter Farmers’ Market where hundreds of customers have looked at, touched, smelled, tasted and even heard the full menu of alternate market choices. But, Dec. 20th is the season finale.

If you’ve never been to a Farmers’ Market, they are lively gathering spaces that involve a wide diversity of food items from produce to cheese to cookies and more. The most important criteria are that goods be locally produced and that vendors sell their own products.

They serve not just as a place for farmers to get the best price and consumers to get the best products, but as venues for producers and consumers of food to come together and exchange information.

For you, the customer, the Farmers’ Market provides unfettered access to the people who supply you these foods and services. “When did you pick that? What fertilizer do you use? Have you ever considered this variety of item?”

Salem Winter Farmers' Market

Salem Winter Farmers' Market

You have one last chance this year. Stock up on fresh items for the holidays. It will be open Thursday 3-6 pm at Old Town Hall in Derby Square.