Salem Farmers’ Market

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Photo Credit – Barb Taylor


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The Salem Farmers’ Market averages 2,000 visitors per week. We have over 30 vendors offering a wide range of fresh produce, fresh bread, cheeses, fresh seafood, chowder, wine, meats, pasta, art items and much more.

Each week you will find new activities at the Market like cooking demos from local chefs and restaurants, along with music and other sponsored activities.

The Salem Farmers’ Market also accepts EBT-SNAP benefits, which are handled at the Market’s information booth.

We re-introduced a market at this location because it was the home of the original Farmers’ Market of Essex County. Salem was authorized by the Massachusetts General Assembly in 1634 to hold a weekly market.  The large number of Salem residents within walking distance of the market, in addition to the number of tourists that Salem attracts, ensures high pedestrian traffic in the area where the market is located and has led to the market becoming a great success.



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