Jun 212015

Pride 4Dreary as today may be, Saturday was a day of sunshine and colors and an outpouring of support for the LGBT community with the 4th Annual North Shore Pride Parade and Festival. Accompanying photos are all courtesy of John Andrews at Social Palates Photography; go to  Creative Salem Flickr to see more.

By all accounts the Parade and Festival were successful.

Pride 2“As I sit here watching the torrential rain here on the North Shore I am very grateful that our 4th Annual North Shore Pride Parade and Festival yesterday was a celebration of Unity for our Community in glorious sunshine and splendor. A huge thank you to North Shore Pride’s AMAZING volunteers who never stopped working yesterday and kept asking for MORE work. We could never do it without you. Extreme gratitude to our sponsors, without their support North Shore Pride would have remained just a dream. —– Hope Watt-Bucci, Honored President, North Shore Pride

Full text of message at https://www.facebook.com/northshorepride


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