Nov 262017

Everybody has an opinion although sometimes people don’t want to hear yours. But we do when it comes to reactions, comments, criticism, and suggestions about Haunted Happenings in Salem Ma.

Gone but not forgotten, our month-long celebration of Halloween (and all things spooky) doesn’t just happen by itself. It takes a lot of planning by a lot of people, groups, merchants and attractions.

To that end, the city of Salem has scheduled an “after action” review of Halloween 2017 for this Thursday, Nov. 30 from 5-6pm at the Salem Five Community Room, 210 Essex Street.

Everyone is welcome: tourists, business owners and most especially residents! We want you to share feedback with Mayor Kim Driscoll, and city officials in the public safety, traffic & parking, and public works departments.

What did you like, what worked well, and what did not work well for you this past October? Parking? Traffic patterns? Noise?

If you are unable to attend, the Mayor’s team still wants to hear from you. Submit feedback to or write to Office of Mayor Kimberly Driscoll, Salem City Hall, 93 Washington Street, Salem Ma 01970.

Thousands of people flood our community every weekend during October. They generate a significant amount of revenue for merchants and attractions. But unintentionally visitors also impact the lives of residents. This is your chance to help Haunted Happenings continue to be an event that serves the needs of all of Salem.


  One Response to “Salem Wants Your Reactions to Recent “Haunted Happenings” Halloween Celebration”

  1. I will try to get to the meeting on November 30th. Haunted Happenings was very exciting from my perspective as a new business owner of a performance space/gift shop. My only suggestion would be to find a way to fan out the crowd better, so tourists aren’t trapped in an overly crowded situation. We heard a lot of complaints that is wasn’t fun, or comfortable, and they couldn’t enjoy themselves on Essex St because of the crowds. Some came to town for 3 or 4 days, but chose NOT to go into Salem on October 31, because of the over-crowded downtown area. I recommend having a booth on Essex St that let’s peoplle know about Pickering Wharf, Salem Pioneer Village, and other businesses that are on the periphery.

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