Oct 202017

Most kids’ Halloween costumes are worn once on October 31st and then put away, perhaps to be worn the next year. Most likely they will be passed down or donated. But not in Salem Ma., where we give our kids the chance to wear their costumes several times. Point in fact this Sunday, Oct 22nd when Trick or Treat on the Wharf takes place at Pickering Wharf.

To recap, it all begins with the Haunted Happenings Grand Parade when the children of Salem dress in costumes to help kick off our month-long celebration of Halloween. This is followed with Mayor’s Night Out where the little ones accompany the Mayor on a visit to businesses in our Downtown District which have goodies to hand out. And although the Howl-o-ween Pet Parade was for the animals to be in costume, their youthful owners could come dressed up as well.

It will conclude, of course, with actual trick or treating on Halloween afternoon/evening as children in costume visit homes of neighbors.

But this Sunday, there is one more event to delight the little ones. Participating establishments at Pickering Wharf will be offering treats for kids, as well as giving parents that one more chance to get more mileage out of the “must have” costume of 2017!

The Trick or Treat on the Wharf event runs from 5-7pm at Pickering Wharf.

Oct 072017

Doggies and kitties and lizards, oh my! Salem Main Streets is very pleased to produce the third annual Howl-o-ween Pet Parade, to be held on Sunday, Oct. 8 at 1 pm on Derby Square. Dress up your pet in a costume and show it off to the world! There will be prizes!

Pets of all species are welcome, but should be well-behaved and comfortable at a busy event where there are likely to be many dogs. (Daenerys, please let us know if you are coming  so as to make accommodation for your dragons)

“Our last two Howl-o-ween Pet Parades were enormously successful with some amazing costumes,” says Kylie Sullivan, Executive Director of Salem Main Streets, “and we’re anticipating that this year will be even bigger.”

She points out that “Salem is such a pet-friendly city; it seemed like a no-brainer that we needed a community pet parade during Haunted Happenings. It’s such a special way to engage our residents, appeal to our visitors, and celebrate our local businesses.”

The event will also include an area with information about local rescues and pet-focused downtown businesses,

Although it is a free event, attendees wishing to participate in the Howl-o-ween Pet Parade will be asked to register at the event to make note of their pet’s name for judging and to verify that the dogs, cats — and whatever else — are up to date on all required vaccinations.

Spectators are encouraged to join us on Derby Square, along Artists’ Row, or perhaps even “tail”-gaiting on the Lobster Shanty’s dog-friendly patio.

Salem Main Streets is grateful for the support of Creative Salem, Salem Pet Photo, the New England Dog Biscuit Company, Artists’ Row, PALS, Black Cat Tours, It’s Reigning Cats and Dogs, Healthy Hounds Doggie Daycare, Penelope’s Pet Boutique, and a number of other community partners in offering this event.

For additional info, contact Salem Main Streets by phone at 978-744-0004, or by email at kylie@salemmainstreets.org.

Be sure to join us for this great, fun-filled event for the entire family, especially the “four legged” family members!

(Photos courtesy of Creative Salem — thanks John!)

Oct 282014

P1030040Really, those are the words that should guide you in your visit to Salem Ma and interactions with other enthusiasts celebrating Halloween here on Friday.

Being that Halloween falls on a Friday, we are expecting a lot of you to invade/join the party. Keep that in mind when you consider your method of transportation in AND out of the city.

And be prepared to leave at the end of the evening. We appreciate you having a good time. Of course, when the party’s over, the party’s over and we have to clean up. But, the street party concludes with fireworks. Yes we have fireworks on Halloween!

We try to make it a fun event, but to do so, there are some rules to also make it safe for everyone. Please take a few minutes to look them over.

That link also gives a schedule of the day & evening events, courtesy of our friends at HauntedHappenings.org.

For example, did you know we also have a Fiesta Shows Carnival, a Shock Top Beer Garden, more than one costume ball, and live music in spots across the city? This is after all, a big bad Halloween bash to end our month-long Haunted Happenings celebration.

Oh, also, do not bring weapons real or fake to Salem on Halloween. You may know how to properly wield a broad sword but someone else may not. Anything that looks like a weapon will be confiscated.

Enjoy and come back next year!

Oct 232014

Salem Open MarketWhere can you find the “best independent designers, artisans, artists and crafters together in a maelstrom of cutting edge design, art and handmade wares?” Where else but in Salem Ma; Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays during the last three weeks of October, you will find SOWA, an open-air arts market with over 50 booths.

Just to give you an idea of the eclectic items that await you, here are descriptions of three vendors that have been or will be available on the weekend.

Nick & Jillian of R.H. Mardigan Enterprises and Emry’s Handcrafted Fynery. She makes jewelry and accessories out of ephemera, resin and other findings. He makes leather cuffs and accessories with a steampunk flair. And from the Steampunk events at the Peabody Essex, you know there is interest in that genre.

Diane Koss of Cutesy But Not Cutesy, specializes in making monsters (we think we’ve seen a few of those in recent weeks in Salem), but she also makes monster designer toys that you can cuddle; and a popular item has been the amazing monster hoodies for kids, adults and dogs!

And then there is the strange relationship between Zombies (always a big item in Salem during October) and published author / illustrator Greg Stones. Just look at this picture representing (at least to us) the clash of a long running horror theme and a recent over-the-top horror craze.

SOWA will run Friday-Sunday 10/24-26 at Derby Square Vending from 11 am – 6 pm, and Essex Street Vending from 11am – 10 pm. For more info go to their website http://newenglandopenmarkets.com/

Oct 182014

Goodnight, Captain WhiteIf you’ve enjoyed the excellent performances by History Alive! Inc. with the interactive and “moving” production of Cry Innocent, then we are here to advise of a 2nd production it presents in Salem, titled Goodnight Captain White. But— this is just a bit different.

Running Oct. 24th, 25th, 31st and November 1st. at Old Town Hall, this comedic-mystery retells the not so well-known true event of the 1830 murder of Salem Sea Captain Joseph White:

It’s 1830. “All friends and well wishers are invited to attend” the retirement party of Captain Joseph White’s favorite ship, the Caroline. But this magnanimous invitation lures a host of enemies and ill-wishers into the perfect opportunity to murder the rich, old captain. Allegiances twist and turn. Foibles are exposed, depravities revealed. It’s up to the audience and an under cover Daniel Webster to figure out whodunit and how.

Written by Mark Stevick and directed by Kristina Wacome Stevick, the tale is about the real Captain Joseph White, a rich, elderly, retired shipmaster, who was murdered while sleeping in his Essex Street home. It has all the elements of good book, movie or TV episode: local folks among the accused & guilty, and a high-profile prosecuting attorney in Senator Daniel Webster, hired by the White family to prosecute for the Commonwealth.

But where is the comedy? Goodnight, Captain White is not a reenactment like Cry Innocent. “We’re not sticking to the exact history here,” Mark Stevick has commented previously. “We follow the original story, but we’ve cut and combined to make for a more high-energy, comic period piece.”

Kristina Wacome Stevick has also stated “Is it right to laugh about terrible behavior? To do so doesn’t mean we endorse murder, adultery, slavery, betrayal. In our laughter we release the tension of recognition. As we watch these extreme fellows careen toward their comeuppance, we’re relieved they are not ourselves and we cringe at the thought that they could be, were our circumstances less privileged or graced.”

Use of innuendo, double entendres, a bit of improv from the actors, and even input from you, the audience, to help uncover & define the clues makes for a lively evening— that has nothing to do with ghosts, goblins or ghouls. Just a nice murder mystery.

Doors open at 7:15pm for “noshing and revelry.” Show begins at 7:30pm. The price of admission includes soirée fare and a “Crowninshield Punch.” For more information email historyalive@gordon.edu or call 978-867-4767.