May 122012

The Berklee Jazz group The Soul of a Man will peform live today in Derby Square from 5 – 7 p.m. This is the first free concert of many organized by the Salem Jazz and Soul Festival leading up to their fantastic annual concert at the Willows.  There will be a concert every second Saturday in Derby Square through the summer.

According to SFSF “The Soul of a Man (website) is a modern day R&B band whose sound is infused with blues, gospel, soul, and funk. Individually, each of the band’s skilled musicians brings a unique and powerful sound to the stage. Together, their four-piece rhythm section, horn trio, and vocalist produce a massive sound that’s been described as “High energy – all the time.” Whether in a small club or a huge venue, The Soul of a Man delivers a thrilling, uplifting show.” Stop by Derby Square to today and check them out.

 More information about the SJSF/Berklee Summer Series.