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HausWitch, 144 Washington Street


Ah, Labor Day weekend.  Traditionally a time to enjoy the last gasp of summer, the last barbecue, the last day at the beach.  It’s also traditionally a time when many people spend the long weekend painting, unpacking, and otherwise transforming a new house into a new home.

Whether you’re moving into new digs, finally getting around to some upgrades, or attending a housewarming, our downtown Salem businesses have everything you need to get settled.  We did a little homework this week, and here are a few ideas we found:


Witch City Thrift Consignment & Thrift (301 Essex Street) is the place to start for everything you need… and everything you didn’t think you needed!  Need plates?  Got ’em.  Need chairs?  Got ’em.  Need some funky odds and ends to decorate the walls?  Got ’em.  Need a Victrola?  ….Yup.  Just don’t be confused when the locals still refer to it as “Jerry’s”.

Newcomer HausWitch Home + Healing (144 Washington Street) is the brain child of Erica Feldmann, a micro-budget decorator who wants to help you “bring the good vibes home.”  HausWitch offers unique and affordable ways to add something special to your new space, from clever little hanging shelves, to beautiful napkins dyed with turmeric, onion, and basil, to bunches of sage meant for “smudging“.  HausWitch is also known for their HausCraft Spell Kits, careful selections of objects and meditations in a house-shaped box, intended for specific situations in your home (we recommend “Co+Habitate” to help smooth out the edges with new roommates).

Next up, a visit to Kan.del (inside Museum Place Mall) gives a solid reminder that candles can truly be works of art in addition to transforming a new space with scent. Another new kid on the block, Kan.del’s products range from the earth-conscious (like the rareEARTH and “Rescued Wine” lines), to the exquisite (check out the incredible beeswax “busts” of composers and dogs), to the uniquely Salem (including candles inspired in memory of individual Salem Witch Trials victims) – and of course, they will all make your new home smell fantastic!

Last but not least, we took a trip to Roost & Company (40 Front Street), who’s ever-changing offerings are always creative and beautifully displayed.  From to gag gifts (especially good for anyone who’s been moving boxes all day), to cookbooks (for when you can find your kitchen again), to beautiful everyday items (why should shower curtains be ugly?), you can always be sure to find the perfect house-warming gift at Roost.

But don’t stop there!  You can also find great finds for a new home at Edward John Home Decor, Hedrington’s, the Pickering Wharf Antiques Gallery, Pamplemousse, and many, many more.  Our local businesses want to help you call Salem, MA home as much as we do, so go explore!



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  1. I will love to explore these wonderful places in Salem.

  2. We’d love to meet you Annie! Kan.del is open seven days a week! 🙂

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