Feb 092015

Salem Snow Day ShoppingWe are all in this together. Salem merchants and Salem residents/visitors/shoppers. Snow kept falling and blowing on Monday. Most of us were home-bound. Tuesday the MBTA will not be operating. The Governor has declared a State of Emergency so you should not drive unless it is vital. What to do? Stay home? No! Support our local Downtown Merchants who have been taking financial hit after hit with these snow storms.

There is a Facebook page urging just that: “The recent weather hurts our beloved local businesses. If you can walk downtown tomorrow (or drive depending on what happens with the parking situation) then spend some money to keep Salem in business! ”

Check out the site. Business are trickling in with whether they will be open or closed on Tuesday.

You can also post questions for your favorite eatery or regular store.

We think it is a great idea. The shopping community working together to support the businesses of Salem.

Call your favorite spot before heading out, as some may indeed be open but with abbreviated hours. Boot up. Bundle up. And we’ll see you out there for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just gift shopping (Saturday is Valentine’s Day!).

(Erin Cyr event photo)

Apr 222013

Salem MainStreets, like many other community organizations watched the events of last week unfold in horror. Out of respect for the fallen and injured, we back-pedaled on self-promotion. A tweet here and there, some calendar entries, but for the most part we were glued to the TV and read social media to be in touch. Just like all of you.

“Freedom Is Not Free” (engraved on the Washington, D.C. Korean War Veterans Memorial). It must be tended to, watched and guarded. Boston, with the emotional support of Salem, NYC, Chicago and the rest of America did just that this past week.

Because of that we can return to our lives, and enjoy the benefits of living in communities like Salem and Boston.